Fox 40 Classic Official Whistle With Breakaway Landyard
  • Fox 40 Classic Official Whistle with Breakaway Landyard is the first pealess whistle.
  • Fox 40 whistle is authentic and original.
  • The decibel of the Fox 40 classic whistle is 115 dB.
  • Fox classic whistle is the standard choice for referees and coaches at all levels, rescue professionals, and general safety worldwide.
  • Flawless, consistent, and reliable.
  • Fox whistles are easy to blow and cannot be overblown.
  • Will be audible above background noise, boisterous crowds, engine sound, breaking waves, and howling gale-force winds.
  • Up to one mile distant, sound can be heard.
  • Country of origin: Made in Canada.

MRP is Rs. 649/-.

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