Gray Nicolls GN 10 Bat

One of the top most and ever green bat by Gray Nicolls is GN 10 bat. So, what makes Gray Nicolls GN 10 bat special? Well, Gray Nicolls manufactures only 50 bats in the entire world for a year. Yes, you heard it right, it is so limited that they make only 50 bats in a year.

Only 50 Bats in a Year - Gray Nicolls GN10

All the Gray Nicolls Gn10 cricket bats run a number to one of the sides. We have captured the number for one of the bats in our images for you to reference. The wood selected for its making is most rare. There is no sticker on both the front and the back side. Gray Nicolls logo is beautifully engraved which makes this bat even more special.

Gray Nicolls GN19 Engraved

Another speciality is the GN 10 bat is made by finniest bat makers in the word. They give the perfect shape and balance which you would have never felt it on any other bat. One would fall in love with the bat the minute you hold it on your hand.

Gray Nicolls GN10 Bat, The bat with most perfect curve
Gray Nicolls GN10 bat, The bat with most perfect curve

Gray Nicolls have exposed the bat completely for you to admire its straight grains.

Gray Nicolls GN 10 2020 model
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Bat Pricing:

Gray Nicolls Gn 10 bat price is Rs 55,000. Although GN 10 cricket bat comes at a premium price it is still worth it. It is priced very high in counties like UK and Australia.  Undoubtedly Gray Nicolls Gn 10 bat is a world class bat and a value for money product.


We would rate it as best cricket bat among the top bat brands in the world. 10 out of 10.

International Selling:

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