Aero Cricket Face Protector
  • The Aero Cricket Face Protector or Face Mask is a new-age product that gives you total confidence to play at your very best.
  • Keepers are increasingly trying to put extra pressure on batsmen by standing up to the wicket for quicker bowlers. The face protector is a new product that helps you stay safe and light.
  • A regular cricket helmet is heavy and hot with the back of the head completely enclosed with unnecessary protection.
  • A keeper helmet avoids unnecessary protection given by regular helmets and ensures the need for a wicket-keeper or fielder is kept in mind.
  • These face masks used for wicket keeping or fielding purposes.
  • Made from incredibly long-lasting high-performance alloys and high-density polyethylene closed-cell foam.
  • The curved frontal design deflects the ball on impact.
  • Extra chin and throat protection for all possible ball deflections.
  • Anatomically inspired and scientifically tested to provide amazing protection.
  • The contoured 3D shape allows unrestricted vision.
  • Exceptionally lightweight and fully adjustable.
  • Allows extremely wide vision.
  • The top and back of the head are naturally ventilated.
  • Aero Cricket Face Protector has adjustable elastic straps ensure a snug fit.
  • Quick and easy to put on and take off.
  • Used popularly by Dinesh Karthik.
  • Popularly known as the Dinesh Karthik baseball helmet.
  • Country of origin: Made in India.

Price is Rs. 4,199.

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